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Brown Roofing gives residents the opportunity to save energy and make considerable energy savings.

After careful consideration residents in Harborne, Birmingham decided they’d had enough of rising electricity prices. Attracted by the profitable payback from the governments Feed-In-Tariff they looked to Brown Roofing to strip and re-tile their roof, and provide a new 2.4 KW PV system.

Brown roofing incorporated a brand new and innovative ‘In roof’ Large format PV panel system called ‘easy roof’ into the roof coverings. This system was chosen for its ability to allow panels to be fixed in-line with roof tiles giving appearance and good looks of a PV tile system at the same price as most of the 'on top' PV systems being installed today. The integrated system is UV, hail, rust, snow and storm resistant, as well as being 100% recyclable so when compared with many of the dubious framework systems available in the market today the ‘easy roof’ ticked all the boxes

The easy roof concept was launched by IRFTS in 2010, now selling on average 3MWp of the Easy-Roof system per month in Europe. The unique design channels the water flow between the PV modules.

The customer was really pleased with the end result. We checked back with the customer after the summer of 2013 and he has confirmed he is now seeing revenues of up to £700 pa, guaranteed for the next 25 years!

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